(REVISED 2019-08-08)

  • Chairs the zone board.

  • Conducts zone board meetings.

  • Conducts zone annual general meetings.

  • Prepares agenda items for meetings.

  • Sends agenda items for meetings to the Secretary.

  • Oversees and calls for board position elections.

  • Attends ZOC meetings conducted by the Alberta Volleyball Officials Association.

  • Prepares reports for ZOC meetings.

  • Plans, coordinates, and directs the long-term direction of the referee program in their zone.

  • Establishes a working relationship with all referees in their zone.

  • Keeps an up-to-date list of all referees in their zone.

  • Ensures yearly registration of referees in their zone.

  • Ensures un-registered referees in the zone are listed as inactive.

  • Ensures executive positions in the zone are filled.

  • Maintains a close working relationship with executive board members.

  • Provides administrative assistance to zone assignors, clinicians, etc.

  • Defines zone goals, examples:
    - Development clinics/assessments performed.
    - New referee recruitment.
    - Retention rates, Match fill rates.
    - etc.

  • Oversees referee promotion recommendations.

  • Oversees referee disciplinary actions.

  • Oversees the zone referee mentorship program.

  • Oversees the website and other zone communication efforts.

  • Acts as an ambassador for the Volleyball Alberta Officials Association within their zone.

  • Has signing authority on the zone bank account. 

  • Periodically reviews zone financial accounts.

  • Provides approval for online payments / direct deposit payouts.

  • Attends beginning of season meeting with school leagues.

  • Attends end of season meeting with school leagues to review officiating concerns.

  • Attends all zone board meetings.

  • Attends all zone annual general meetings.

  • Negotiates match rates with the different school leagues.