(REVISED 2019-08-08)

Treasurer Functions:

  • Manages all zone incoming and outgoing finances.

  • Collects match information for invoicing and payouts.

  • Creates invoices in financial system.

  • Sends invoices to clients.

  • Ensures collection of invoices.

  • Deposits payments on invoices.

  • Reconciles zone bank account monthly.

  • Maintains direct deposit payment system.

  • Reports any financial issues to the ZOC and President.

  • Initiates referee payouts and vendor bill payments.

  • Prepares zone financial reports as needed.

  • Collects and maintains referee direct deposit information.

  • Has signing authority on the zone bank account.

  • Provides financial data to members of the zone upon request.

  • Is the main contact between the zone and financial institutions.

  • Attends all zone board meetings.

  • Attends all zone annual general meetings.

  • The treasurer may need to front some of the zone costs for things like website registration and maintenance, and receive reimbursement during regular payouts.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Secretary Functions:

  • Collects agenda items for board and zone meetings.

  • Collects reports from executive board members.

  • Distributes meeting agendas to the board.

  • Records meeting minutes at board and zone meetings.

  • Publishes meeting minutes.

  • Oversees website content publishing.

  • Prepares reports for the board as needed.

  • Provides approval for online payments / direct deposit payouts.

  • Attends all zone board meetings.

  • Attends all zone annual general meetings.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.