(REVISED 2019-08-08)

  • Coordinates zone referee assignments for the following:
    - High School tournament matches.
    - Club volleyball tournament matches (not including Volleyball Alberta events).
    - Junior High and Adult tournament matches, as approved by ZOC or President.  NB: not currently providing full services for these levels (Sept 2019).

  • Uses the Arbiter for creating match/tournament slots for individuals to sign up for refereeing.

  • Is responsible for the overall completion and quality of assignments by monitoring self-assigned matches and makes appropriate changes where necessary to align match competitiveness with referee capability.  Escalates associated concerns to ZOC or President.

  • Sends out status updates for referee requests to coaches and league contacts, allowing reasonable time for the event to find replacements or supplemental officials if coverage is short.

  • Development related:
    - Coordinates with the Development Coordinator for suitable tournaments that can be used for development practical evaluations.
    - Identify and contact event coordinators when the zone will use the event for development purposes.
    - Provides event contact and schedule information to the Development Coordinator for events being used for development purposes.

  • Reports to the treasurer:
    - Upcoming tournament requests.
    - Final tournament referee assignments via excel/google sheets, etc.
    - Any changes to matches worked or not worked, or other individual referee/Arbiter anomalies or retroactive changes (after payment).

  • Direct questions and concerns about items not directly related to assigning (i.e. quality of officials, rates) to the appropriate executive member of the board for follow-up and discussion.

  • Provides a coverage report, upon request, for the executive board that details matches covered, coverage percentage, and any other requested information.

  • Attends league meetings as directed by the ZOC.

  • Attends all zone board meetings.

  • Attends all zone annual general meetings.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.